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Wendy Russell

Wendy believes that each artist must follow his or her own path to find their artistic identity.  Her personal journey began as a child who lived in a coastal New England town where the beach was her playground and the rich array of offerings from the sea her introduction to nature.  She grew up in a family of artists where creativity was encouraged.  


After graduating with a degree in interior design from the University of Connecticut, she migrated to the Boston area to pursue her career and sample the stimulating environment of city life.  She continued to develop her drawing, painting and design skills and added the craft of hand weaving to her portfolio.  A decade later found her back to nature and living in the rural green mountains of northern New England.


Wendy's career in Art Licensing began in the early 1990s.  While raising three children she focused on art that could be used to decorate commercial products.  Her versatility in style and her willingness to create designs for the general public brought her success in the field and, hopefully, joy to the buyers who eventually purchased these products.  


Currently, a desire to return to her coastal roots has led Wendy back to the shore.  This time around, a tropical climate and new flora and fauna will be her inspiration.  Stay tuned...


A sampling of Wendy Russell artwork: 

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