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Johanna Parker


Johanna Parker is an illustrator, graphic designer, papier mache folk artist andphotographer with a love for all things vintage and whimsical. She creates imaginative, happy spirited characters in holiday themes which are hand-sculpted and painted. She loves creating for all seasons and holidays, although Halloween, also her birthday, is a particular favorite. Her artistic style translates easily from figural to two dimension and is timeless, distinct, whimsical and unique.


Her business, Johanna Parker Design, operates from her home studio in Lakewood, Colorado where she designs and makes her one-of-a-kind collectibles as well as an on-going series of licensed holiday and s

easonal goods. Johanna’s unique folk art, illustrations and photography have been featured in over 30 national magazines, and she won an Emmy in television graphic animation when serving as art director for a leading NBC news affiliate early in her career.


Johanna currently serves on the board for an emerging 40 West Arts District with the goal of revitalizing a blighted area through vibrant art. She designed, organized and painted the district’s first mural. Her hope is to inspire and uplift others through her art.




A sampling of Johanna Parker artwork: 

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