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Kaeli Smith


The best way to describe Kaeli Smith’s artwork is to say it makes people feel happy.


Kaeli has been bringing delight to people through her artwork for her whole life. Like most children she started drawing and painting and making things at an early age; unlike most children some of what she made back then provides inspiration and direction for her current work.


A student at the University of Delaware majoring in art, Kaeli employs her extraordinary color sense to create her vibrant and dynamic compositions. A native of Annapolis, many of her early works feature scenes from the Chesapeake Bay as well as bold floral arrangements in vases as colorful as the flowers they hold. She exhibits her originals watercolors at the Annapolis Collection Art Gallery and has had many shows featuring her work. She has also donated originals that were auctioned for significant amounts to raise money for leukemia and breast cancer research.




A sampling of Kaeli Smith artwork: 

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