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Nancy Shumaker Pallan


Nancy Pallan began painting and drawing at an early age when her father, a professional photographer and artist, encouraged her abilities. She received private instruction and later earned her degree in art education. Although she works in a wide range of media, it is her detailed, realistic style of watercolor that makes Nancy’s wildlife and botanical studies so popular.


Nancy finds ample subject matter in her native northwestern Pennsylvania. Nearly 350 species of birds migrate there, and numerous wildflowers populate the local creek beds.


Each painting begins with a freehand pencil sketch. Then, with single, hair-like brushstrokes, Nancy creates the detailed textures required for feather vermiculation or leaf and petal veining.Paintings are given depth and intensity with layers of light to dark color. Her paintings often require several hundred hours of work, since this intricate technique allows no shortcuts. Nancy’s beautiful results make her hard work well worth the effort.


A sampling of Nancy Shumaker Pallan artwork: 

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