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Jane Maday


Born in England and raised in the United States, Jane Maday has been a professional artist since she was fourteen years old when she began her career as a scientific illustrator for the University of Florida. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree from the Ringling College of Art and Design, she accepted a job with Hallmark Cards, Inc designing and painting greeting cards.


A move to Colorado with her husband and the birth of her children led her to strike out on her own where she met with great success illustrating children’s books and painting for a broad range of products such as collectible plates, greeting cards, jigsaw puzzles and many more. She has also written numerous articles and books on art instruction, sharing her expertise with many aspiring artists.


Her experience with technical drawing lends precision and realism to her work, but there’s no doubt that her imagination, color sense and observant eye gives it its charm. In addition to her family, Jane has as inspiration a beautiful garden, a menagerie of animals, and the breathtaking Colorado landscape.




A sampling of Jane Maday’s artwork: 

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