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Elissa Della-Piana


A multi-talented, multi-dimensioned artist, Elissa Della-Piana has had a career that spans fashion illustration, exhibition design, teaching, costume design, and now art licensing. A graduate of the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, she is the recipient of multiple awards and certificates of excellence from various art societies and organizations. Her lengthy list of free-lance illustration clients runs the gamut of American businesses including American Airlines, American Express, Hallmark, Hartford Insurance, Towle, and Milton-Bradley as well as numerous publishing companies, schools and retailers. Recently retired from a 30-year career as a professor at Montserrat College of Art, Elissa now runs the Gallery Della-Piana in Wenham, Massachusetts.


An avid gardener, Elissa’s three acres of cultivated land provide her with much of the inspiration for her incredible floral paintings and landscapes. 




A sampling of Elissa Della-Piana artwork: 

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