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Joelle McIntyre


Trained as a muralist and faux finisher, Joelle McIntyre is well-suited to the ever-changing demands of the art market. She is equally comfortable with a request for Homer’s “The Odyssey” on a guitar as for  a hometown scene at the holidays.


She began her art career at the age of five. Her natural talent was supplemented with formal training, first at St. Mary’s Academy in East Providence, RI and then at UMass Dartmouth’s School of Visual and Performing Arts. She graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Illustration and Visual Design, with a minor in Calligraphy.


Juried into the National Society of Mural Painters in 2006, and the International Guild of Realism and The Providence  Art Club in 2008, Joelle’s work has been much sought after for private residences and public spaces. Now she is turning her considerable talent to  images for licensing that range from whimsical to sophisticated, calm to energetic, fanciful to realistic, all designed to delight.


A sampling of Joelle McIntyre artwork: 

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